Blue & Red Badge Parking Schemes

Blue and Red Badge Parking Schemes

The Blue Badge Scheme is a national arrangement that offers special parking provision for some people with disabilities, and enables parking for either drivers or passengers closer to the required destination. The scheme is administered by local authorities who deal with applications and assessments as well as the issue of the badges. If you are registered blind or have a mobility disability you may be entitled to a blue badge – contact your local council for details. 

The City of London also runs its own Red Badge scheme. This allows residents and workers in the City with registered disabilities to receive parking dispensations within the City or Square Mile. Some of the dispensations under the Red Badge scheme are not covered by the national Blue Badge scheme – so if you live in the City of London it’s a good idea to register for both. 

What is the difference between a Blue Badge and Red Badge? 

The Blue Badge scheme is a national one, whereas the Red Badge applies only to City of London residents. 

As a Blue Badge holder you can park for an extra hour, for free, at payment parking bays after the expiry of the purchased time. Red Badge holders can park at parking and disabled bays without paying. 

Blue and Red Badge holders cannot park: in a suspended bay; on single or double yellow lines (Red Badge holders can park on a single yellow line for 30 minutes); where there is a loading restriction indicated by yellow chevrons on the kerb stone; on the pavement or footway; in a bus lane; in a bay reserved for specific users (eg a doctor’s bay); where there is a dropped kerb or raised carriageway. 

As general guide, for the Red Badge Scheme, you may qualify if you receive the higher rate Disability Living Allowance, are registered blind or have a permanent disability which makes walking very difficult. From 30 August 2019, both the Blue and Red Badge schemes extend to people with hidden disabilities, including those with learning disabilities, autism, and mental health conditions. From this date, people with non-visible medical conditions and disabilities will have the same right to access disabled parking as people with visible disabilities. 

To register, download the forms from the City of London website 

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